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Q: Hey, why the long surname?
A: It's Lithuanian (spend some time at that site & you'll probably know more about Lithuanians than I do)

Projects Present

Use your phone without your phone.
Enterprise IP Multimedia Subsystem telephony infrastructure built on OpenStack
Exotic Paper Airplanes
A growing gallery of paper gliders, complete with folding instructions. If there's anything I want to be remembered for when I pass, it's for blanketing schoolyards in recycled papercraft.
Oom Yung Doe
2nd Degree Martial Arts Instructor for 8 styles:
  • Kong Su / Tae Kwon Do
  • Aikido / Hapkido
  • Udo / Jujitsu
  • Kom Do (Samurai Sword)
  • Tai Chi Chung
  • Bagua Chung
  • Kung Fu
  • Ship Pal Gae (18 Weapons)

Hairball and its assorted periphera
Computers and technology are such high maintenance these days.
Married life is just as much maintenance as it's always been...

Projects Past

Global Eagle
Hybrid satellite / long-range wi-fi data centers for maritime, aviation, and remote terrestrial markets. Formerly known as Maritime Telecommunications Network, an Emerging Markets Communications company.
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online
Tickets to the Happiest Places on Earth
via the highest volume + revenue travel site on Earth
Microsoft Flight
Flight dynamics modeling for a reboot of a classic. Free and educational!
Science Applications International Corporation [SCIENCE!: DO NOT PRESS]
Sonar simulations for naval trainers, saving the whales one classroom at a time through the SMMTT.
Boeing Integration Center [Boeing Network Centric Operations]
Distributed simulation demo platform for some of the best projects and programs the company to offer. Working here is like being in a big international corporate LAN party!
Despite the name, there is no math involved... it's just not that kind of "integration".
Boeing Air Traffic Management [Boeing ATM Wallpaper]
Bringing the aviation industry into the information age.
Ballroom Dancing
Mostly focusing on smooth international styles
NorthStar Middle School Chess (and Games) Club
Parent volunteer to keep our kids safe and busy on Friday evenings.
Tae Kwon Do
At the Studio of Korean Karate third degree black belt
Doctor of Business Administration
Evidence-based scientific management program, 2024
Arcology Systems Engineering (pdf)
MSSE Thesis for the ISR at the UMCP
Defense pitch: pdf
Cornell BS M&AE
PATMOS International Corp.
Parallel Asynchronous Transputing Multiple Operating System For a time, I worked for a company in Ocean City, MD developing distributed, fault tolerant, high availability clusters. They seem to be gone now, though. It was fun getting paid to do what I'd probably be doing during my spare time anyway.
FEAtris [3D tetris + FEA screenshot]
3D tetris used to create input scenarios for finite element analysis. I hacked Gnome 3D tetris to spit out geometry information to a perl script that formatted it as a brick FEA problem for analysis using slffea. Every time you dropped a brick, the 3D SLFFEA output would be recomputed and updated.
Heir Apparent [Pine wood derby truck]
Pine wood derby truck entered under the team Buck Trucks. Final project for Intermediate fluid dynamics course instructed by the venerated CHK Williamson.
The Mule [Mule ascending ramp animation]
Mechanical Design & Analysis cargo lifter.
Mechanical Design & Analysis torque wrench project. The documentation to this device (Ye Torkonomicon) has been lost to the ages.
Pneumatic Motor
Pressured-air-powered motor. Our design didn't have enough power strokes to make it through a full revolution, but the virtual model works pretty well. They didn't let me have a lot of fun with the presentation this time :P .
Cornell Rigid Airfoil Team [WingSail]
How to sail... really fast.
Granular Flows in Microgravity Research Project
Measuring the impact coefficients of small spheres:
mu friction
epsilon normal restitution
beta tangential restitution's Tuneup page
How to get the most out of your Linux system. I accidentally started volunteering for this site during the summer of 1999..
Cornell Student Linux Users Group
Web page about using Linux on campus
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Web page for the Cornell University section.
Eleanor Roosevelt HS
R/C Aircraft
I built my way up to a 4 channel gas aircraft over the years, using a 2 channel glider and a balsa-n-tissue paper rubber band powered Spitfire as stepping stones. I'll scan some pictures of them eventually.
Raytraced Animation
Browse through some of my older Gif89a animations. Many were rendered with POVray. More in the pictures directory. Hope I have some time to play with this stuff again, now that I have some decent hardware.
Nerds By Choice Homepage Nerds - by Choice!
Looks like John finally nuked it, though... it's a shame...
It's a Research Practicum project! [Quack!]
"The Effect of Canard Winglets on Aircraft Lift"
Graduation requirement of the Science & Technology Program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

Projects Future

Warren [Cornholio Warren] and Thaisa [Tigre Thaisa]
If these children are our future, the world is doomed!

Rowin Andruscavage
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