First comes love
then comes marriage
then comes baby
in a baby carriage

And thus on July 11th 2002 at 17:45 ...

Warren Ephim Andruscavage

was born

Observe below as the months fly by... Great kid, eh? Want to see more? Or maybe you want to add your own observations? Be our guest. :)

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Warren was pretty slow to start talking. At some point around when he was 2 and a half, he had just started combining two simple words together -- "Pee pee", "Baby peet" (thirsty), "Papa no". One winter day while we were out on a walk, he drops his pacifier in the bottom of his carriage and reaches for it. In perfect grammatically-correct Russian, he exclaims "Oy! Bolshoi Fima ne laziet v'malinkyu dyrku" (big Fima doesn't fit into the little hole). I gave up trying to keep up with his level of Russian ever since :P
Sasha gives Warren math puzzles. "If you're driving a train and there are 7 cars on the train. Each car has 8 bunnies. How old is the driver?" Warren says "4... no 4 and a half".
The next one: "If you have 4 trains and I give you 3 pears, how many apples do you have?" "Is a pear a kind of a train?"
We read Thaisa book after book from her standard bedtime repertoire. Frustrated, we finally just left her to cry for more. After a minute or two, the crying stops, then Warren comes in and explains how he told her to calm down, and read her a bedtime story
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