Rowin Andruscavage

15715 NE 66th Pl
Redmond, WA 98052
(206) 659-8812

Systems design, analysis, and optimization using simulation and rapid prototyping.
Computing: UNIX (clusters, Linux, SUN, SGI), AWS, VMware
Languages: Python, Ruby, PERL, Bash, Java, C/C++, Matlab, SQL, XML/XSLT, Office macros, SCM: Git, Hg, Perforce
Analysis & Visualization: UML, FEA, 3D rendering & animation, graphics manipulation/scripting
Technologies: open source, hardware/network/OS/application health monitoring & tuning, LAMP/Tomcat, NGINX, Varnish, F5 BigIP, Elastic Stack, Couchbase, ADC/DAC interfaces
Experience: Senior DevOps Engineer, Global Eagle , Seattle WA 2014-pres.
  • Automation for largest non-government provider of satellite internet for maritime, terrestrial, and aviation markets.
  • Develop and maintain CI/CD pipeline for hybrid satellite / long-range wifi data centers at sea aboard cruise ships and ferries using Stackato + Chef, migrated to Docker + Ansible. ServerSpec TDD from Github/Gerrit, using Jenkins to orchestrate test-kitchen Vagrant instances w/ linting in RuboCop, Foodcritic.
  • Upgrade and maintain Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana data pipeline for realtime usage and billing reports. Fleet monitoring and notification w/ Icinga2, Sensu, and Serf. Automated baremetal shipboard cloud provisioning in concert with AWS infrastructure. Prototyped high availability architecture using HAProxy and Keepalived with libvirt-kvm.
Senior Systems Engineer, The Walt Disney Company, Seattle WA 2012-2014
  • Oncall support for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online – the highest volume travel website worldwide processing millions of dollars' worth of transactions daily.
  • Work with geographically distributed teams using ITIL practices to set up and maintain Dev, QA, LT, and Prod environments through lifecycle of hundreds of sites while maintaining PCI DSS compliance.
  • Automation of operations with Bamboo CI pipeline, Rundeck, and migration to Chef-based deployments. SME for Couchbase NoSQL DB. Disaster Recovery datacenter migration.
Software Development Engineer, Microsoft (via Volt), Redmond, WA 2012
  • As aerodynamicist for Flight, created flight dynamics models and tuning procedures for a variety of simulated aircraft. Development, test, and release C++ and Lua on a tight monthly schedule.
  • Integrated DATCOM into aircraft flight dynamics modeling pipeline. Improved propeller fidelity with solver based on Goldstein vortex theory.
Systems Engineer, SAIC, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock MD 2009-2012
  • Developed, deployed, and supported 100+ node clusters for submarine sonar system training simulators used at naval bases across the USA. Provided documentation and training to enable aggressive crew training schedules in DISA COMSEC environments.
  • Engineered high-performance network and SAN for 20-node rendering cluster periscope and immersive dome projection. Rapid deployment using Cobbler and Perceus.
  • Developed and deployed remote touchscreen interface instructor consoles with interactive system health monitoring.
Systems Architect, The Boeing Company - Integrated Defense Systems, Arlington VA 2004-2009
  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation tech demo showcase for joint Command & Control exercises in civil, defense, and international applications.
  • Systems architect for sophisticated multi-site interactive theaters. Designed and deployed flexible network and fiber switching infrastructure to deliver operator consoles and content for multiple events at classification levels up to TS/SCI, including several remotely-operated field offices.
  • Test & evaluation of new components deployed across enterprise for optimal compression and network settings. Establish training criteria, knowledge base, and community of practice, presented at BTEC16 (Boeing Technical Excellence Conference).
  • Event automation with Vista Systems Spyder and ThinkLogical fiber KVM switching. Deployed core services for each network: DHCP+DNS, RAID file repository, Nagios monitoring. Remastered LiveCDs for maintenance and imaging. Implement custom event orchestration scripts, including "VNCequencer" which coordinated and labeled multi-screen remote displays, record/playback, and traffic shaping to fit bandwidth constraints. Implemented PC AV capture, real-time multicast, record/playback with VLC.
Systems Engineer, The Boeing Company - Air Traffic Management, McLean VA 2001-2004
  • Director of high profile R&D lab shared by engineering and demo teams supporting GCNSS (Global Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance System) contract for FAA. Showcase satellite networking capabilities of Connexion by Boeing aircraft, depicting live trajectory in FlightViz, passenger cabin video surveillance, and messaging with federal air marshals.
  • Worked with IT teams to connect lab to airline ETMS (Enhanced Traffic Management System) network. Deployed datafeed logging, archive, and proxy service for ASDI (Aircraft Situation Display to Industry) and displayed via AADS (Aircraft Activity Display System). Analyzed BTS (Bureau of Transportation Statistics) data using PERL and Octave. Created Java web frontend to FAA Advisories DB.
  • Developed UML-C++ discrete event simulation IDE supporting 20 developers on SUN 24-node HPC simulation clusters. Contributed unit conversion & constants library, coordinate transformations, XML data log schema, and XSLT export filters for analysis and visualization in TAAM (Total Airspace and Airport Modeler). Provided rsync between East and West clusters and CM procedures for Clearcase. Dramatically improved remote access using VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and Cygwin's XFree86 to support OpenGL 3D rendering.
Product Development Engineer, PATMOS Int'l Corp., Ocean City MD 2000
  • Design & prototype supercomputing blade clusters with drbd RAID, MOSIX process-migration, PVM/MPI, in a unique recursive network topology
UN Webmaster, World Bank, Washington DC 1999-2001
  • Upgraded ColdFusion frontend and database backend to streamline schema.
  • Worked closely with management to improve & update site serving 2,000+ clients.
Undergraduate Research, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 1996-1999
  • Studied granular flow properties in microgravity for ISS experiment.
  • Refined & automated stroboscopic image processing with PERL and Gimp-Script.
Cornell R/C Aircraft Team 1999
  • Post-processing of inflight video to correlate attitude with multiple GPS data.
Cornell Rigid Airfoil Team, catamaran wingsail watercraft 1996-1997
  • Performed CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis of multi-element cambered airfoil, constructed 1/6 scale articulating model.
  • Preparation and test sail of previous adjustable-camber carbon-fiber wingsail vessel on Cayuga lake.
Homebuilt aircraft 1994-1996
  • Machined and assembled wing for the Quail, a single-seat aluminum airplane
  • Built R/C glider and gas powered models. Successfully landed maiden flight after practicing on PC sim.
Certified Jenkins Engineer, Kryterion, Redmond WA 2017
Certified Scrum Master, Valtech, Seattle WA 2013
RHCE / RHCSA 300, RedHat, Tysons Corner VA 2011
Engineer-in-Training, DLLR, Baltimore MD 2009
Fundamentals of Engineering Examination
University of Maryland, College Park, MD May 2007
M.S. Systems Engineering, conc. in wireless networks
Thesis: Arcology Optimization and Simulation Framework
Optimal routing of recursively scaleable transit networks using SimPy and LP_Solve.
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY May 2001
B.S. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Eleanor Roosevelt HS, Greenbelt, MD June 1996
Science & Technology Magnet Program
Activities: Oom Yung Doe : 1st degree black belt, Assistant Instructor, 3 silver medals in state tournaments 2016,2017
Tae Kwon Do : 3rd degree black belt, instructor 1992-2012
Paper aircraft : website, distance award in 2008 New Millennium Paper Airplane Contest 1998-pres.
Cornell Student Linux User's Group, ASME : webmaster 1996-1999