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Contact Information:
Primary e-mail address, which collects mails from,,, and maybe a few others. Mind the SpamAssassin filter.
E-mail-to-SMS my personal mobile phone
Email a short text message to my mobile phone
Internet Relay Chat (@Rowin on #nubetachi)
I guess this makes me old school.
Trichobezoar Rumblings
Sometimes I blog about my tech life and gadgets
Slashdot (rwa2)
Sometimes I pontificate pointlessly. But at least I get mad respect by having a 4-digit prime UID.
LiveJournal (trichobezoar)
I (rarely) blog about other things
OKCupid (Rowin)
Not just a dating site, unless you really want to find a match of equal mathematical ability. But I'd really like to see it become a key component of proper representative digital democracy. Except with a sense of humor.
Twitter (rwa2)
This would be more useful if it also included geotags. Also if more of my friends actually used it.
Facebook (Rowin Andruscavage)
Meh, I guess it's a good "glue" site that attempts to tie together several disparate social networking sites. Also, I got hooked on Mafia Wars (as "a small furry member of the Cricetinae family"), mostly because it's one of the few games my wife got into. So our facebook profiles consist almost entirely of Mafia Wars notifications now.
Instagram (rowinandruscavage)
An easier way to post photos to FB without having to install the FB app.
Skype (randruscavage)
Occasionally I sign in.
ICQ (# 15411960)
I used to stay signed in via centerim, but I think I gave up due to spam.

Other contact info:
- forwarded to my real account
- forwarded to my primary e-mail account for the forseeable future
- was finally forced into getting a MS Passport account for some reason or other.
- spam accounts. I never check these anymore.

Physical Presence :

15715 NE 66th Pl
Redmond, WA 98052-4833
(301) 793-0782 (mobile)
(206) 659-8812 (Google Voice)

Where on Earth am I now?

Hairball's Domain
-8*- Playground of Rowin's alter-ego, which seems to have manifested itself in his computer.

Picture Gallery
Pictures of friends, events, places.

Now that you're here, you'll probably immediately want to go...

Other places:

Eric Andruscavage
Male parental unit.
Tori Amos
When I die I want to be buried in her garden.

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