Warren vs. Thaisa

Contrast between siblings

Warren Thaisa
Eats the meat out of his food Eats the broccoli and rice out of her food
UPDATE: they appear to have reversed, with Warren eating all the potatos and leaving the shrimp, and Thaisa vice versa.
Cautious Fearless
Rather Coordinated Falls down a lot, even when there's nothing to trip on
Hard to get to sleep, but a sound sleeper Easy to put to sleep, but a light sleeper
Loves the child seat in the car. We'd strap him in and go for a ride when he got upset. Hates the child seat in the car.
Takes after his maternal grandfather Looks like her paternal great aunt
Asian skin tone, but with green European eyes Caucasian skin tone, but with brown Asian eyes
Rambuncious Peaceful
Extrovert Introvert
Quickly moves on to the next distraction Intently takes things apart and analyzes them
Kind and likes to share Possessive and somewhat vindictive
Afraid of dogs Loves dogs
Can't get his head below water. Natural swimmer
UPDATE: OK, he's doing pretty good after a few months of weekend swimming lessons now.
Left handed Right handed


They do have some things in common:
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