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Inside Sofia

Sofia is a dynamic individual. The variability of her character only begins with her struggle to deviate from societal norms. She is not a rebel in the usual sense, of course. She often goes out of her way to not only fight for the weaker cause, but the underrepresented one as well. This has led her to stand up in support of smokers, prostitutes, and even the Devil at various times throughout her life, just because few others will. This has also led her to become quite argumentative sometimes, though she is still bewildered by people's occasional resent for her toils.

Sofia loves order and obsessively makes certain that everything goes as planned. This means that Sofia often likes to plan things herself, which sometimes puts her at odds with other masterminds. Consider figure 1.
Lauren's dorm at Bucknell U.
figure 1
(a.) and (b.) have occasionally conflict over what they should be doing, while (c.) watches on. (no that wasn't intended to be a scarlet letter "a") However, at other times, they tend to get along and are good friends.

Tunnel vision
Sofia is slightly prophetic and can often predict the outcomes of certain events. These mostly revolve around relationships between her friends, and not stock market prices. This could still forseeably become useful when she becomes a diplomat negotiating between allied countries.

Sofia does have a soft, tender side to her personality too, you just have to search for it a bit...
Sofia's tender side
Sofia Marshak

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